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  A-frame design
  Abstract of judgment, law
  Accelerated cost recovery system
  Accelerated depreciation
  Acceleration clause
  Acre foot
  Active solar system
  Actual age
  Add-on interest
  Additional principal payment
  Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM)
  Adjusted cost basis
  Adjustment period
  Administrator's deed
  Adverse possession
  Adverse use
  Aeolian soil
  Agency closing
  Agreed boundary
  Agreement of sale
  Alkaline soil
  Allowances behind a row of buildings or between two rows of buildings.
  Alternative mortgage
  Aluminum siding
  Aluminum-clad windows
  American Society of Home Inspectors
  Americans with Disabilities Act
  Amortization tables
  Anchor bolt
  Annual mortgagor statement
  Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
  Anticipatory breach
  Application fee
  Appraisal fee
  Appraisal report
  Appraised value
  Architectural fees
  As-is condition
  Asking price
  Assessed value
  Assessment rolls
  Assumable mortgage
  Assumption clause
  Assumption fee
  Average price
  Avigation easement
  Awning windows
  Abandonment Value
  A la carte real estate services
  Abstract or title search
  Acceleration clause
  Ad valorem
  Adjustment date
  Alienation Clause
  Amortized mortgage
  Asking price
  Assumption of mortgage
  Attorney's opinion of title
  Attractive nuisance
  Access Stair
  Access Panel/Door
  Act of God
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